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TLA Beyond: Boats and Buoyancy

The Tulsa Learning Academy Beyond program is once again taking their students beyond the walls of the school building. This time, the 9th graders got to visit the Tandy Family YMCA pool, but the goal was to not actually get wet.

The students learned about density, buoyancy, and mass leading up to their outing. The final project? A boat that could float with a person inside.

“We built with our own type of structure out of cardboard and duct tape,” said Na’veha.

With the help of TLA staff, the students brought their creations to the YMCA and added the final touches. Then, it was time to test them out.

“I thought as soon as I got in, I was going to sink. The back of my boat had a hole in it, so I was sinking backward, but it still made it,” said Na’veha.

“The most common response was surprise or shock.  They were surprised that they could build a boat from only cardboard and duct tape and it actually float and be strong enough to hold multiple people,” said Jeremy Teel, a TLA Beyond teacher.

Dakota, KJ, and Derald built a huge vessel, and it held up perfectly in the water.

“I decided bigger is better. I put a lot of cardboard since cardboard floats, and I just put less tape around it,” said Dakota.

This assignment was a great way for students to have fun while learning.

“To this group of students, having a different approach to teaching is vital.  The hands-on approach gets them learning and involved on a much deeper level than the traditional style,” said Jeremy.

Now, the TLA students are moving on to the Passion Project.

“For 3 weeks, they are digging deep and finding their true passion in life.  Then, after the Christmas break, they will be taking their passions and building a business model around it.  Also, students will be exposed to civic groups in Tulsa to gain direction and guidance on how their passion can positively affect their community,” said Jeremy.

For more information on TLA Beyond, click here.