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Tulsa Learning Academy and the Parent Resource Center Open Their Doors

The ribbon has been cut and learning has begun at Tulsa Learning Academy’s new location.

“What an amazing day! This is so exciting. We have been looking forward to this for such a very long time,” said Superintendent Dr. Deborah Gist. “We're so excited that you all are here blazing trails not just for Tulsa but for really the rest of the world to show what learning can be when we really focus on what students need instead of just the system existing and students having to fit into that instead.”

Tulsa Learning Academy has offered an online learning opportunity for students in need of a flexible schedule since 2007.  Now, with their move from Promenade Mall to the Alcott building on 46th Street North, TLA is expanding to offer on-site classes through the Tulsa Beyond program. Beginning with a ninth grade class, the program will provide hands-on, project-based learning to students as they go through their four years of high school.

“I was given the opportunity to be a part of the redesign team for Tulsa Learning Academy Beyond. It was a very rewarding experience,” said student Bree’Onni Clemons. “I was given the chance to plan for the kind of school that students would want to attend. My hopes for the future of TLA is that it grows into a 21st century school where students are glad to be here, which will allow them to build lasting relationships and take education beyond the walls of the school.”

The space is also home to the new Parent Resource Center, which will work to help families in the area in a variety of ways.

“This is an exciting day for our school as we move into our new building, celebrating this special moment for north Tulsa parents who will have access to information, resources, and support through our Parent Resource Center,” said Principal Dixie Speer. “We hope that our shared building will become a hub for the community as they journey through their child's educational experience.”

The center was part of the vision of the North Tulsa Community Education Task Force, who recognized a need for parents to have better access to resources in the area.

“Our work with the North Tulsa Community Education Task Force has been life-changing for me, personally, and such a game-changer for Tulsa. What I mean by that is both the work we're doing and the work that has resulted from their leadership but also the way in which it has changed and will continue to change the way in which we work in what we've been calling radical collaboration, but it's really more of a full and complete partnership with our community,” said Dr. Gist.