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Tulsa Learning Academy is proud to offer a different school experience. While the primary mode of instruction is online, our staff is dedicated to holding students accountable for being successful. We offer students the opportunity to accelerate graduation, recover credits, and/or enjoy a different school experience. We are committed to cultivating relationships with students by focusing on academic success, career exploration, and celebrations.

School Expectations

  • All students must communicate through TPS student Gmail accounts only.
  • TLA success and attendance is determined by progress on the Egenuity platform. Student schedules are created to best serve students.
  • If a student is dropped from TLA for attendance, he/she will be required to report back to their home school.
  • All students and parents should sign up for the SchoolWay App to receive important information.
  • Adherence to schedules is mandatory.
  • Failure to complete courses in the time provided may result in an F and the course may have to be taken over in its entirety.
  • Students must wear student IDs at all times.

Behavior Expectations

  • Cell phones must be checked in;
  • Food and drinks are not allowed;
  • Students must follow the dress code;
  • Students must use quiet voices when school is in session;
  • Students may not leave TLA during his/her session;
  • When the session is over, students must leave TLA;
  • Misuse of technology will not be tolerated; and
  • If you are dropped for non-attendance, you will be required to return to your home school.

The teacher of a student attending a public school shall have the same right of the parent to control and discipline such a student during the time a child is in attendance or in transit to the school or classroom presided over by the teachers.” (Article VI Section 114, School Laws of Oklahoma)

School Hours

Monday- Thursday

  • 8:00-4:00 Flexible Scheduling Online Students
  • 9:05- 1:15 Tulsa Learning Academy Beyond 9th Grade Cohort